The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Portable Monitor in 2024

best portable monitor

Selecting the perfect portable monitor in 2024 requires careful consideration of various factors, such as size, screen quality, connectivity, and overall value. This comprehensive guide will help you navigate the world of portable monitors, ensuring you find the ideal device to suit your work and play needs.

Size Matters: Finding the Sweet Spot

When it comes to portable monitors, size plays a crucial role in determining the balance between portability and productivity. Screen size directly impacts portability and productivity. Larger screens can boost productivity by offering more space for multitasking and enhancing visual experience, but they also reduce portability due to added weight and bulk. Smaller screens are more portable but may limit multitasking and diminish visual experience.

To strike a balance between portability and productivity, it is crucial to consider your specific needs. For instance, a graphic designer may require a larger screen to accommodate multiple applications and tools, while a business professional may prefer a smaller, more portable option for presentations and basic tasks.

Best Portable Monitor: Top Picks for Every Budget

Best Value: Arzopa Z1FC - Why it's a crowd favorite

Arzopa Z1FC

The Arzopa Z1FC Portable Monitor is a highly sought-after portable monitor that offers exceptional value for its price. This 16.1-inch Full HD display features a compact and lightweight design, weighing just 1.7 pounds and measuring 0.3 inches thick. The Z1FC boasts a 1920 x 1080 resolution and a 144Hz refresh rate, providing smooth and vibrant visuals that are suitable for general use, such as web browsing, streaming, and office work. Also, with its 100% sRGB IPS screen, you will experience amazingly fluid gaming visuals, giving you the upper hands in the game.

One of the key advantages of the Arzopa Z1FC is its affordability, with a price tag of around $179.99. This makes it an attractive option for students, freelancers, and anyone seeking a reliable portable monitor without breaking the bank. While it may not offer the same level of performance as more expensive models, the Z1FC still provides a range of useful features, including two USB-A ports, one USB-C port, and a 3.5mm audio jack. Overall, the Arzopa Z1FC offers an unbeatable combination of portability, performance, and affordability, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable and versatile portable monitor.

Premium Choice: Espresso Display 15 Touch - Features that justify the price tag

Espresso Display 15 Touch

For those willing to invest in a premium portable monitor, the Espresso Display 15 Touch is a top contender. This 15.6-inch 4K touchscreen display boasts a stunning 3840 x 2160 resolution and a 60Hz refresh rate, providing crystal-clear visuals that are perfect for graphic designers, photographers, and gamers. The Espresso Display 15 Touch features a sleek and durable aluminum body that weighs just 3.3 pounds and measures 0.3 inches thick, making it both stylish and portable.

One of the standout features of this monitor is its touchscreen capability, which supports up to 10-point multi-touch gestures. This allows users to interact with their content in a more intuitive and engaging way, making it ideal for presentations, creative projects, and gaming. The Espresso Display 15 Touch also features two USB-C ports, one HDMI port, and a 3.5mm audio jack, providing ample connectivity options. While its price tag of around $800 may be steep for some, the Espresso Display 15 Touch justifies its cost with its exceptional performance, stunning visuals, and innovative features.

Budget-Friendly: Lenovo ThinkVision M14 - A balance of affordability and performance

Lenovo ThinkVision M14

For those on a tight budget, the Lenovo ThinkVision M14 offers an impressive balance of affordability and performance. This 14-inch Full HD display boasts a sleek and compact design, weighing just 1.3 pounds and measuring 0.2 inches thick, making it easy to slip into a backpack or tote bag. The M14 features a USB-C port that supports both power delivery and video transmission, allowing users to connect their laptop or mobile device with a single cable. This convenient design element eliminates the need for additional adapters or cables, making it a crowd favorite among professionals and travelers alike.

In terms of performance, the ThinkVision M14 delivers crisp and vibrant visuals with a 1920 x 1080 resolution and a 60Hz refresh rate. It also supports HDR content, ensuring that users can enjoy rich colors and contrast. The monitor's built-in speakers provide clear audio, although they may not be suitable for immersive gaming or video experiences. With a price tag of around $250, the Lenovo ThinkVision M14 is an excellent budget-friendly option that delivers solid performance and value for its price.

Best Portable Monitors for Specific Needs

For Gamers: The Nexigo NG17FGQ 17.3-Inch 300Hz

The Nexigo NG17FGQ 17.3-Inch 300Hz portable monitor

The Nexigo NG17FGQ 17.3-Inch 300Hz portable monitor is an excellent choice for gamers. One of the key features that make it stand out is its high refresh rate. A high refresh rate, in this case, 300Hz, ensures that the monitor can display a higher number of frames per second. This results in a smoother gaming experience, particularly in fast-paced games where every millisecond counts. High refresh rates matter because they reduce screen tearing and motion blur, allowing gamers to focus on the action without distractions.

When shopping for a gaming portable monitor, there are several essential features to look for. First and foremost, the monitor should have a high refresh rate, as mentioned earlier. Additionally, a fast response time is crucial to minimize ghosting and blurring. Another important aspect is the monitor's panel type; IPS or TN panels are generally preferred for gaming due to their faster response times and better color accuracy. Finally, connectivity options such as HDMI and USB-C are necessary to ensure seamless integration with gaming consoles and laptops.

For Creatives: Asus ZenScreen OLED MQ13AH

Asus ZenScreen OLED MQ13AH

The Asus ZenScreen OLED MQ13AH is a top choice for creatives, particularly those who require high color accuracy and detail. OLED technology enhances color accuracy and detail by providing true blacks, which leads to an almost infinite contrast ratio. This results in more vivid colors and a more immersive viewing experience. For creatives, color accuracy is paramount, as it directly impacts the quality of their work.

When selecting a portable monitor for creative work, several factors come into play. The monitor's color gamut, which is the range of colors it can display, is critical. A wider color gamut ensures that the monitor can display a broader range of colors, resulting in more accurate representations of the creative's work. Resolution is also important, as higher resolutions provide more detailed images. Finally, the monitor's panel type, such as OLED or IPS, affects color accuracy and overall image quality.

For Work-From-Home Professionals: ViewSonic VG1655

ViewSonic VG1655

The ViewSonic VG1655 is an excellent choice for work-from-home professionals. This portable monitor excels in ergonomics and connectivity, which are crucial for boosting productivity. The monitor's ergonomic design allows for comfortable viewing angles and reduces eye strain, making it ideal for extended work sessions. In terms of connectivity, the ViewSonic VG1655 offers a range of options, including USB-C, HDMI, and VGA, ensuring seamless integration with laptops and other devices.

When selecting a portable monitor for work-from-home professionals, several features are essential. Ergonomics play a significant role, as a monitor that can be adjusted to comfortable viewing angles reduces eye strain and improves productivity. Connectivity options are also vital, as they ensure that the monitor can be easily connected to laptops and other devices. Finally, the monitor's resolution and panel type affect image quality, which is important for tasks such as video conferencing and data analysis.

For MacBook Users: Best for MacBooks - Compatibility and Design Considerations

When it comes to portable monitors for MacBook users, compatibility and design considerations are paramount. The best portable monitors for MacBooks should be designed with Apple's ecosystem in mind, ensuring seamless integration and compatibility with MacBook hardware and software. This includes features such as USB-C connectivity and compatibility with macOS.

USB-C connectivity

Adapters and connectivity options are also crucial for a smooth Mac experience. For instance, a portable monitor that includes a USB-C to USB-C cable or a USB-C to HDMI adapter ensures easy connectivity with MacBooks. Additionally, the monitor's design should complement the MacBook's aesthetic, providing a cohesive and professional look.

Recommendation: Arzopa S1 Table Portable Laptop Monitor

Arzopa S1 Table Portable Laptop Monitor | 15.6'' FHD 1080P

Arzopa S1 Table Portable Laptop Monitor | 15.6'' FHD 1080P
  • Work and perform multiple tasks,improve your work efficiency.
  • Designed with a 15.6-inch display, the screen features 1080P, FHD,IPS and anti-glare display.
  • One USB-C cable to set the portable monitor for its video signal and power to deliver a full HD resolution viewing.
  • Lightweight and portable,easy to carry screen anywhere.

USB-C Connectivity: One Cable Wonders and Why It's Essential

When it comes to portable monitors, having a reliable and versatile connectivity option is crucial. USB-C connectivity stands out as a game-changer in this regard. With the ability to transmit both data and power through a single cable, USB-C has revolutionized the way we connect our devices. This feature is particularly important for portable monitors, as it allows users to power the monitor and transfer data simultaneously, eliminating the need for multiple cables.

The benefits of USB-C connectivity extend beyond convenience. It also enables faster data transfer speeds, with USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 capable of reaching speeds of up to 20 Gbps. This means that users can enjoy seamless video playback, fast file transfers, and efficient multitasking. Furthermore, USB-C's power delivery capabilities can charge devices at up to 100W, making it an ideal solution for powering both the monitor and a connected laptop.

USB-C information

In the context of portable monitors, USB-C connectivity is essential for several reasons. Firstly, it reduces clutter and makes the overall setup more portable. Secondly, it ensures that users can easily connect their devices without worrying about compatibility issues. Finally, it future-proofs the monitor, as USB-C is becoming the new standard for connectivity.

Touchscreen: When and Why It's a Game-Changer

Touchscreen functionality is another key feature to prioritize when selecting a portable monitor. While not essential for every user, touchscreens can greatly enhance the overall user experience in certain scenarios. For instance, graphic designers, artists, and presenters often benefit from the tactile nature of touchscreens, which allows for more precise control and intuitive navigation.

Touchscreens are particularly useful in portable monitors designed for collaborative work or presentations. They enable multiple users to interact with the screen simultaneously, fostering a more engaging and interactive experience. Additionally, touchscreens can be beneficial for users who need to navigate through menus or make adjustments quickly, such as in video editing or gaming applications.

When considering a touchscreen portable monitor, it's essential to look for models with responsive and accurate touch detection. The AOC e1659Fwux, for example, features a 10-point touch capacitive touchscreen with a response time of 35ms, making it an excellent choice for users who require precise touch input.

AOC e1659Fwux touchscreen

Built-in Speakers: Convenience on the Go

Built-in speakers are often an afterthought when it comes to portable monitors, but they can greatly enhance the overall user experience. By integrating speakers into the monitor, users can enjoy a more immersive audio experience without the need for external speakers or headphones. This is particularly useful in situations where external audio equipment is not feasible, such as in meetings or presentations.

For evaluating portable monitors with built-in speakers, look for models with decent sound quality and sufficient volume. The ASUS ZenScreen MB16AC, for instance, features a pair of 1W speakers that provide clear and loud audio, making it suitable for casual video watching or presentations.

Portability Features: Weight, Thickness, and Durability

Portability is a critical aspect of portable monitors, and several features contribute to a monitor's overall portability. Weight, thickness, and durability are key considerations, as they directly impact the monitor's ease of transport and usability on the go.

When it comes to weight, look for monitors that are lightweight yet sturdy. The Arzopa A1S Ultra-Thin Portable Monitor, for example, weighs in at just 1.1 pounds, making it an excellent choice for users who need to carry their monitor frequently. Thickness is also an important factor, as it affects the monitor's overall bulkiness. The Lenovo ThinkVision M14, with its slim 4.9mm profile, is an excellent example of a portable monitor that is both compact and lightweight.

Arzopa A1S Ultra-Thin Portable Monitor | 14” FHD 1080P

Arzopa A1S Ultra-Thin Portable Monitor | 14” FHD 1080P
  • Slim, Light and Portable,0.16 inches thick and 1.1 ponds in weight. easy to carry for business trip or travelling.
  • 14.0" Full HD 1920 x 1080 portable anti-glare IPS display with 60HZ resolution.
  • Widely Compatible with a laptop, a PC, a Mac, a smartphone, an Xbox, a PS5, a Switch, a Steam Deck, etc.
  • Plug and Play,simply connect with one USB-C cable for video signal and power.

Durability is another critical aspect of portability, as it ensures that the monitor can withstand the rigors of frequent travel. Look for monitors with durable construction, such as the AOC e1659Fwux, which features a rugged design and a scratch-resistant coating.

Testing & Reviews: How to Evaluate Before You Buy

When it comes to purchasing a portable monitor, reading reviews and conducting thorough testing are crucial steps in ensuring that you make the right choice. Here, we will delve into the key factors to consider when reading reviews and provide some valuable DIY testing tips to validate monitor performance.

Key Factors to Consider When Reading Reviews

  1. Display Quality: Pay attention to the monitor's display resolution, brightness, and color accuracy. Look for reviews that mention the monitor's performance in different lighting conditions and whether it supports features like HDR or 4K resolution.

  2. Portability and Durability: Assess the monitor's weight, size, and build quality. Check if the monitor has a sturdy design and if it can withstand regular travel. Reviews should mention the monitor's durability and whether it can withstand minor drops or bumps.

  3. Connectivity Options: Consider the types of ports available, such as HDMI, USB-C, and DisplayPort. Ensure that the monitor has the right connectivity options to match your device requirements.

  4. Power Consumption: Look for reviews that discuss the monitor's power consumption and battery life. This is particularly important if you plan to use the monitor on the go.

  5. Price and Value: Evaluate the monitor's price in relation to its features and performance. Check if the monitor offers good value for the price and if it is competitively priced compared to other portable monitors.

DIY Testing Tips to Validate Monitor Performance

  1. Display Calibration: Test the monitor's display calibration by adjusting the brightness, contrast, and color settings. Check if the monitor has built-in calibration options or if it supports external calibration tools.

  2. Color Gamut Test: Use a color gamut test tool to evaluate the monitor's color accuracy and range. This will help you determine if the monitor is suitable for color-critical tasks.

  3. Response Time Test: Conduct a response time test to check the monitor's responsiveness and whether it is suitable for fast-paced content like gaming or video editing.

  4. Viewing Angle Test: Test the monitor's viewing angle by placing it at different angles and checking if the image remains clear and vibrant.

  5. Connectivity and Compatibility Test: Test the monitor's connectivity options by connecting different devices and checking if they work seamlessly.

    FAQs About Portable Monitors

    1. How to Choose Between OLED and IPS Panels?

    When choosing a portable monitor, consider OLED for exceptional contrast, deep blacks, and wide viewing angles, ideal for color-critical tasks. IPS offers better brightness and is more budget-friendly, suitable for general use.

    2. Is a Portable Monitor Worth It for Occasional Use?

    A portable monitor can be a valuable investment for occasional use, offering flexibility and convenience. Its lightweight design, built-in battery, and multiple input options enhance productivity and make it easy to carry around.

    3. Can Portable Monitors Be Used for Dual-Screen Setups?

    Yes, portable monitors are designed for dual-screen setups, enhancing productivity by allowing you to extend your workspace. They offer multiple input options for easy connection to your laptop or desktop.


    In conclusion, choosing the best portable monitor in 2024 is a task that demands careful evaluation of several key elements. These include the monitor's size for optimal portability, screen quality for vivid visuals, connectivity options for seamless integration with other devices, and overall value to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

    If you found this information helpful, please share this guide with friends and colleagues who might also be in search of the perfect portable monitor. Helping others find their ideal device not only enhances their work and play experiences but also fosters a community of informed consumers.


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