144Hz Portable Monitor Worth It? Arzopa Reviewed by Retro Game Corps

144Hz Portable Monitor Worth It? Arzopa Reviewed by Retro Game Corps

Retro Game Corps is a YouTube channel that provides emulation videos and guides, tips, and reviews for retro gaming and handheld devices. The channel is run by Russ, who has a passion for retro games and a cat named Chicken. Retro Game Corps covers a wide range of products, from budget-friendly to premium, and offers honest and helpful advice for gamers of all levels.

One of the products that Retro Game Corps reviewed is the Arzopa portable monitor, a 15.6 inch slim and lightweight secondary screen that can be used with laptops via USB-C or HDMI. The review shows the packaging, the accessories, the inputs and outputs, the display quality, and the ease of use of the monitor. The review also explains why the monitor is useful for students and creatives who work remotely and need more screen space. The review concludes with a positive recommendation and a link to buy the monitor.

arzopa reviewed by retro game corps

Overview of Arzopa Portable Monitor

Hello, everyone! This is Russ from Metro Game Core, and today, we're diving into a review of a 15.6-inch portable monitor by Arzopa. I've previously explored several portable monitors on this channel and have been a fan for some time, even before launching the channel. This Arzopa model shares many features and specifications with its market counterparts, but it stands out with its refresh rate of 144Hz, which immediately suggests it could be great for gaming.

is 144hz portable monitor worth it

Pricing and Initial Thoughts

Currently retailing at $170, it's priced about $30 more than a standard monitor, prompting the question of whether the higher refresh rate justifies the extra cost. Let's start with the unboxing.

Important Note: The $170 price mentioned is based on historical data and reflects a price from 23 years ago. Presently, the Arzopa 144Hz portable monitor has undergone a price reduction. For the most up-to-date pricing information, I recommend visiting the official Arzopa website.

144hz portable monitor price


Unboxing the Arzopa Portable Monitor

The package includes a power plug, a USB-C to USB-A cable, a somewhat lackluster microfiber cloth, and a mini HDMI to HDMI cable.

unbxoing 144hz portable monitor

Design and Build Quality

The monitor itself boasts a carbon fiber design, giving it a gamer aesthetic, though it is more reflective than I'd prefer. Its matte screen quality and lightweight design, weighing just over a pound, are impressive.

unbxoing 144hz portable monitor

Key Features and Usability

The monitor features a headphone jack, a menu selection tool, and a back button on one side, with all input ports on the other. The included magnetic cover doubles as a stand, though its weak magnets and limited bending capability were somewhat disappointing. 

Connectivity and Compatibility

In terms of connectivity, the monitor supports both video and power through its USB-C and mini HDMI ports.

Testing Performance Across Devices

When testing with various consoles and devices, the 144Hz refresh rate was not universally supported. For instance, the Xbox Series S and the Steam Deck could not utilize the monitor's full refresh rate capabilities, displaying at 60Hz.

However, devices like the PS5 and a PC with a dedicated graphics card were able to reach and display at 120Hz and 144Hz respectively, showcasing the monitor's potential under certain conditions.

144hz portable monitor ps5

Pros and Cons of Arzopa 144hz Monitor

Despite its lightweight and portable design, the limited bend and strength of the magnetic stand suggest the need for an additional stand for stability. The large Arzopa logo on the front might be a turnoff for some users, but the overall performance for specific devices, like the PS5 and PCs, is commendable.

And now for the exciting news! Arzopa has introduced a new 144Hz monitor that not only delivers better performance but also features a more refined design. Currently available during a special promotion, this super cost-effective monitor can be yours for just $109 USD. It’s a fantastic deal for those seeking high refresh rates without breaking the bank! 

Considerations for Specific Devices

Given its inability to achieve higher refresh rates with the Xbox Series S and the Steam Deck, those looking specifically for a portable monitor for these devices might be disappointed. However, for those using it with a PS5 or a capable PC, the monitor delivers on its high refresh rate promise. It might be worth considering the lower-priced 60Hz version from the same company if the high refresh rate is not a necessity, saving $30 in the process.

144hz portable monitor

Final Verdict: Is the Arzopa Monitor Worth It?

In conclusion, whether this Arzopa portable monitor is worth the investment depends on your intended use case. If you were eyeing it for gaming with a Steam Deck or Xbox Series S, the refresh rate limitation might be a dealbreaker.

However, for PS5 users or those with a gaming PC looking for a portable high-refresh-rate monitor, it could be a great match. Always consider your specific needs and perhaps look into the more budget-friendly 60Hz option for a similar experience at a lower cost.


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