Arzopa Z1FC 144Hz Portable Gaming Monitor Full Review

Arzopa Z1FC 144Hz Portable Gaming Monitor Full Review

Overview of the Arzopa brand:

Arzopa is a brand that specializes in the manufacturing and sale of electronic products, notably portable monitors. These products are designed to offer a mobile display solution for consumers who need additional screens for their work, studies, or entertainment while on the go.

Arzopa's portable monitors stand out for their lightness, thinness, and ease of connection to various devices, such as laptops, smartphones, gaming consoles, and more, thanks to interfaces like USB-C and HDMI.

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Unboxing and Initial Impressions of the Arzopa Package

The packaging of the Arzopa product is both aesthetically pleasing and stylish, leaving nothing to be desired. Upon opening the box, the screen immediately catches your eye, neatly tucked beneath it are all the necessary cables. The screen is well-protected with a foam pad and a plastic film, ensuring its safety during transit.

Inside the package, you’ll find the cables and instructions, all neatly arranged for easy access. The quality of the product appears to be top-notch, the instructions are clear and concise, and the included cables, which also seem to be of high quality, are all present. 

Technical Specifications

For a more comprehensive understanding, I will outline the features of the monitor I received:

The Arzopa Z1FC portable monitor distinguishes itself with a 16.1-inch screen that delivers 1080P HD resolution and a 100% sRGB color range on an anti-glare IPS panel.

This monitor is specifically engineered for gamers, boasting an ultra-high refresh rate of 144Hz. This ensures superior motion clarity and smoother game visuals, while reducing input latency for enhanced video, work, and gaming quality.

With portability in mind, the Arzopa Z1FC monitor is impressively thin and lightweight, measuring just 0.3 inches thick (0.76 cm) and weighing a mere 1.7 lbs (0.77 kilograms). This makes it easy to transport and use on the move, making it an ideal choice for gamers who wish to play anywhere, as well as for professionals seeking to work efficiently while traveling.

In terms of connectivity, the monitor provides a plug-and-play solution with two fully functional USB Type-C ports and a Mini HDMI port. This makes it compatible with a wide array of devices such as laptops, PCs, Macs, smartphones, Xbox, PS5, Switch, and Steam Deck, without the need for prior installation or downloads.

The Arzopa monitor can also function as a second screen, thereby enhancing work efficiency by enabling multitasking. It offers the flexibility to switch between horizontal and vertical views according to the user’s preference, providing increased adaptability for various applications, whether for gaming, home working, or training.

Installation and Configuration

I had the opportunity to test the Arzopa screen with two of my laptops, one using an HDMI cable and the other using a USB-C cable. A word of caution: if you don’t have an HDMI cable, you’ll need to power the screen using the other two ports.

Stability of the Arzopa Screen

At first glance, I was skeptical about how well the screen would hold up. However, it exceeded my expectations. It’s sturdy and can be securely positioned on the side without obstructing your workspace.

Visual Quality

The image quality is exceptional! It surpasses even that of my secondary laptop. As a result, I can use it as the primary screen for my compact PC.


I put the Arzopa screen to the test both at work and at home, including at Starbucks. In terms of performance, it held up well for work-related tasks. I had to edit and record videos, and I didn’t encounter any performance issues personally. 

Ergonomics and Portability

The Arzopa Z1FC portable monitor excels in its remarkable ergonomics and portability, specifically designed to cater to the needs of mobile users and on-the-go professionals.


Weighing a mere 1.7 lbs (approximately 0.77 kg) and measuring a slim 0.3 inches (approximately 0.76 cm) in thickness, this monitor embodies the perfect blend of lightness and compactness. Its design allows for easy transportation in a bag or briefcase without adding any significant bulk.


When it comes to energy consumption and power management, the monitor’s plug-and-play feature via its USB Type-C ports signifies an energy-efficient design, making it ideal for mobile usage. These USB Type-C ports typically support power delivery, enabling the monitor to be powered directly by a laptop, smartphone, or external battery, eliminating the need for a separate power source.

This feature highlights the monitor’s capability to operate efficiently in various mobile settings, reducing the need for electrical outlets or additional adapters when traveling.

In conclusion, the Arzopa Z1FC is engineered with an emphasis on portability and energy efficiency. It provides users the liberty to work and play in any setting without compromising on performance or display quality.

Final Recommendation

The Arzopa Z1FC screen is highly recommended for gamers looking for a portable monitor with a high refresh rate and for professionals needing a high-quality second screen on the move. Its lightness, ease of use, and display quality make it an excellent choice for those who prioritize mobility without compromising performance.

If you are a digital nomad or work while moving, the Arzopa screen is also perfect, and I am well placed to say so.

In conclusion, the Arzopa Z1FC combines innovation, quality, and portability, effectively meeting the needs of an increasingly mobile and connected world. Whether you are a gamer, professional, or simply looking for a better display experience on the go, the Arzopa Z1FC deserves your attention.

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